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Yelling Degenerates – #41 – Sunny Hundal & Jaskaran Sandhu -#AskCanadianSikhs

This week journalist Sunny Hundal ( and and Jaskaran Sandhu (World Sikh Organization and Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey’s Office) joined us for a very informative talk about their Canada wide #AskCanadianSikhs panel discussions in regards to the recent negative portrayals of Sikhs in the media. We also go in depth on various other Sikh issues such as Khalistan, accessibility for disabled people in gurdwaras, interfaith wedding protests, grooming gangs, what happened to UK bhangra and more!

Yelling Degenerates – #39 – Raj vs Gurshaan

This week things got heated between Raj and Gurshaan. In-between Raj’s verbal attacks on a man with a turban we talked about ethnic representation in 90’s sitcoms, the death penalty, the Stephen Clark shooting in Sacramento, Brampton, Canadian pride, Sikh issues in Canada, relationships, the importance of voting and more!

Yelling Degenerates – #38 – Soch Mental Health

This week we sat down with Shivi Darubra, author of The Little Blue Elephant, and Nikhil Jagga who came to speak about SOCH a grass roots mental health initiative in Brampton.

Get tickets for SOCH’s 2nd annual One Brave Night Challenge here:

The Little Blue Elephant –

Yelling Degenerates – #37 – Brittle Spirits + Big Words

This week we welcome back Sumit. In this episode we talk about voting, snitching, being friends with an abusive person, witnessing domestic abuse, AKTV’s new Mr. Bean parody, our desired porn names, and what we want to be when we grow up. Have fun. Okay, bye.

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Yelling Degenerates – #36 – Lady Driven Cars

In this episode we talk about last week’s comment of the week, the Oscars and Kobe Bryant, sexual misconduct, how much money is worth going to jail for, Paul’s Whatsapp porn, mortgage fraud, taxes, lady driven cars, tow truck drivers, fatherhood and what crime we think we could get away with!