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The Weeknd in Punjabi

@Gurshabba & @Paulthedrummer perform The Weeknds’ The Hills, Can’t Feel My Face and High for This in the little Punjabi they know.

Dedicated to @saintlion

Harlem Shake – Desi Edition

Desi Comedy does the Harlem Shake with AkakaAmazing, Sukha Bhamra aka Happy Tabla Guy (Dhol Circle), Indy Sagu, MD Aujla, Gurshabba, Prodigy Lioncore, JD and Red King Singh

Punjabi Songs in English – Malkit Singh Tribute!

Watch Punjabi Songs in English andl know exactly what you’re dancing or listening to! Based on our hilarious #punjabisongsinenglish trending twitter topic we bring to you the English translated tribute to the legendary bhangra maestro, Malkit Singh!

Why This Cammalleri Leave (Kolaveri Di Parody) – Emo Habs Fan

Gurshaan was still feeling the pain a few weeks after the blockbuster trade between the Montreal Canadians and Calgary Flames which sent his hero Mike Cammalleri back to Alberta. Inspired by Anirudh & Dhanush’s moving Why This Kolaveri Di smash hit and Kolaveri Di cover instrumental by Advait Nemlekar he put his suffering to song with UK superproducer Indy Sagu to remix and record his outcry.

Advait Nemlekar – Why This Kolaveri Di Cover Instrumental – http://youtu.be/Hh8mFw8WAv8

Original Why This Kolaveri Di – http://youtu.be/YR12Z8f1Dh8