This week we hung out and talked with the coolest and brightest girl in the country, Raji Aujla. Since heading east to Toronto from British’s Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, Raji has become a game changer in the Toronto business and arts communities. Her arsenal of skills, experience and qualifications are second to none. She’s made a significant and lasting impact thru her many ventures, positions and roles in journalism, cultural curation, art direction, fashion design, branding, marketing strategy, consulting and more. That is all topped off with her endlessly inspiring and selfless philanthropy work. We’d call her Nanak incarnate but some people would get mad so we won’t call her that publicly. Just to her face. She was the perfect person to discuss everything from women’s issues, tipping culture, racism, overcompensating as minorities, art as therapy, personal fulfillment, to which kind of fruit to sex.