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Pizza Pizza, How Can I Help You?

Our most popular audio sketch ever from way back in the early 2000’s is now a cartoon. Ranjit Singh calls up Pizza Pizza to complain about some bullshit.


The Jackinder Show – Blink Jatt

Leader of the community, Jackinder, interviews an under privileged Punjabi youth.


Breaking News: Alien Invasion in Punjab

Crisis in Punjab! But fear not, as the Indian Government is there to assist the people in great tragedy as always.


IST World News – Rapper Joe Budden Stops Sikh Terrorist

IST World News covers the recent Joe Budden instagram/twitter incident.

Read the original story here


Woody Harrelson Reacts to Scene from Sholay

SPOILERS – Avoid watching if you haven’t seen True Detective or the end of Sholay! Woody Harrelson’s character Marty Hart from True Detective watches one of the most dramatic scenes in Bollywood cinematic history! No copyright infringement intended.


Punjabi Songs in English – Beware of the Peacock

The Punjabi Songs in English team returns with stunning translated renditions of popular Bhangra anthems performed live in front of a nowhere near sold out house.


Downsize Games

A normal day in the office goes horribly wrong when company downsizing pins employees against each other in a battle for their jobs… and their lives.


Harlem Shake – Desi Edition

Desi Comedy does the Harlem Shake with AkakaAmazing, Sukha Bhamra aka Happy Tabla Guy (Dhol Circle), Indy Sagu, MD Aujla, Gurshabba, Prodigy Lioncore, JD and Red King Singh


The Desi Comedy Show #1 – A Scathing Look!

The Desi Comedy Show is an all new talk show featuring topics, words, special guests, sketches and more! In this first episode we discuss the music industry and a couple artists who are suspected of buying fake views and fake twitter followers. Also featuring special segments with Humble the Poet and IST News anchor, Lovely Singh Lalli.

We are not claiming any artists mentioned purchased or intentionally manipulated their Twitter followers. The tool we used to check provides an analysis of followers and determines how many are not real people. The data is easy available for anyone to check. We are just highlighting these irregularities.


Desi Olympics 2012

After a 5+ year ban, due to a widespread doping scandal, the world’s most special olympics are back. The 2012 Desi Olympics return with a series of challenging new events that test the limits of human conditioning and caste systems.